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Easy to use software drives creative growth

It's no secret that graphic design software is a driving force behind the growth of content marketing. Alongside traditional design giants like Adobe, software that promises to help you create engaging information quickly and simply has become big business. More than 60 million people now use Canva each month and Grammarly reached 30 million daily active users in 2020. 

There are many different types of content that you can use to reach and engage your audience. According to Hubspot’s recently released report 'State of Inbound Marketing Trends 2022' the most common formats used are video, followed by blogs, images, infographics and case studies.

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Simple is easy to adopt

For all of these formats there's an incredible variety of programs available to fit the creative expertise of the designer. Tools that have a comparatively easier learning curve and deliver high quality output are gathering momentum and market share. Have a look at Canva's web search traffic (red) compared to Photoshop (yellow) and CorelDraw (blue). (Source: Google Trends)

Google Trends Data

Simple map software - the missing piece

There's one type of graphic design software that seems to be missing in action: easy to use map design software.

The reality is if you want to create a good map and deliver it a way people can actually use it you don't have great options. You could a) create a hand drawn PDF to be printed out b) build a clunky Google Map for your website c) hope the audience digs into other apps and work out the answer to a question they may have.

What a missed opportunity to engage and excite people about your offering!

In the realm of map creation, there is a missing toolset for non-technical people. Base map platforms and APIs are incredibly powerful but too hard-core for everyday users. Platforms like ESRI are used by GIS experts to generate sophisticated, data-driven maps. Google Map Platform has developer tools but are not straight-forward. Map services like OpenStreetMaps and Mapbox are great (Capra uses Mapbox) but require technical skills to implement effectively.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what you create behind the scenes if the user experience is terrible. Good map design has to be delivered in an audience friendly format. This is why we've invested so heavily into making our maps easy to use via the Capra app, are building simple website embeds and provide GPX files for people with wearables like running watches.


More and more businesses are realising that content marketing is an essential part of their overall marketing strategy, and that they need to invest in order to see results. At Capra we believe maps are a content marketing opportunity waiting to be unlocked with the right tools. 

If your audience would benefit from great maps as part of your content offering then we would love to help you turn your map designs into reality!